From Japan to the world - We deal in export of high-quality used vehicles to emerging countries across Asia.

At ENG, we specialize in the export of highly popular mini vans and SUVs to emerging Asian countries such as Malaysia where rapid economic growth and development has led to increase in domestic consumption. This trend coupled with their growing share of the global market, these emerging economies will and continue to play a critical role in the global economy. And as their automobile sales market expands further with rising income level, we will continue to grow our business alongside this global trend.

Automobile Distribution Flow in Japan

ENG searches far and wide to find high-quality used cars from all over Japan and export them overseas.

The above chart describes the automobile distribution flow in Japan.
New cars sold domestically are acquired by (or traded in with) a used car buyer/dealer at different points in time. Some of these used vehicles are then made available for purchase by used-car dealers across Japan via auctions which are then sold to domestic end-users and/or for export.

We collects information by utilizing our network of used car buyers, used car dealers and auction sites across the country to select and purchase high-quality used cars. Only those meet our unique quality standards are shipped overseas. We are never satisfied with products unless we can ship to our customers overseas with confidence.

ENG Organization Chart

Scale of used car export industry

Today, approximately 1 million used cars are exported from Japan, the largest of which are exported to Russia, followed by UAE and Chile. Within the Asian region where there has been rapid economic growth, the most stable export destination for these used cars has recently been Malaysia.

ENG exports an estimate of 4,500 cars annually to Malaysia, placing our share among the top used car exporters to the country. Our experience over the years has earned us the trust and loyalty of our overseas customers through our high-quality used cars.

Our Business Development

We will work toward expanding our market share in other emerging countries in Asia and Africa, along with business development in acquisition and sale of used cars in Japan. We will continue to review our products by actively pursuing areas where synergistic effects on the used car export business are expected, such as marketing and selling automobile-related products.

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