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Local end-users come first;ENG provides a system that ensures supply of products with high added value.

Whiles “you get what you paid for” has been the norm of the day among some used car export companies, we at ENG have distinguished ourselves by establishing a system that maximizes the needs of our overseas end-users in our provision of products and services to achieve great satisfaction.

Our Strength

We are able to purchase high-quality products at a fair price to maintain a steady supply at all times. Thanks to our hardworking employees, we have been able to achieve top-level share in the used car export market in Malaysia. We look forward to expanding our market share in other emerging Asian countries.

Ability to read market trends and purchase used cars at a fair price

In order to purchase high-quality used cars at a fair price, it is critical to have the ability to assess trends in domestic distribution market with precision.

The ability to assess ever-changing market rates cannot be achieved over a short span of time. Based on our experience after numerous purchases of used cars, we have been able to establish a unique purchasing method.

Our philosophy “to purchase and supply used cars at a fair price”, has helped built confidence among our overseas dealers. We will continue to pursue both quality and fair price to meet our clients’ expectations.

Thorough quality control from purchase to distribution

With quality product as our top priority, we fully enforce quality inspections at each stage of the flow process from purchase to distribution. Using our own checklists prior to any purchase, we investigate the condition of each used car in detail and only purchase those that meet our standards.

We employ professional inspectors to examine the condition of each purchased used car. They also assess, for example, odors that are prone to individual judgment, so we can then provide thorough cleaning and maintenance as necessary. In addition, we hire a third organization to perform final inspections before shipping. Not allowing any compromise in the quality management of our products has earned us a high reputation from dealers overseas who say, “ENG cars can be sold right at the port”.

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